Spending his formative years in the high school darkroom, there Ryan discovered a love and affinity for using the camera to tell a story.  Graduating from Columbia College: Chicago where he focused in Cinematography, he was given the opportunity to join Chicago’s IATSE 476.  Working both Grip & Electric departments for a number of years, he trained his eye in the art of lighting & composition.   His career as a DP began in low-budget short films but steadily progressed to documentary & commercial work until finally he reached full length feature films. Then in 2018 his goal of becoming a cinematographer became a reality when he joined The International Cinematographers Guild: Local 600.   His most recent work, a 10 part mini-series called Bring on the Dancing Horses was directed by Michael Polish and stars Kate Bosworth as a hit-woman determined to enact justice upon a group of eccentric criminals in Montana.   Currently based in Los Angeles, Spacone spends much of his free-time hiking and camping with his dog in the mountains of California, where he’ll still carry his old antique cameras & techniques in search of the perfect frame.

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